The sampling of linings has developed hand in hand with the evolution of fashion:
Stretch linings
Slippery hands on cotton
Cotton nylon fabrics both piece-dyed and yarn-dyed
Washed or vintage effects: every need for a practical and washable garment can find the best solution.

The factor of distinction and success is being able to customize the garment with exclusive jacquard or yarn-dyed designs.

Yarns of the finest viscose and cupro are often ennobled with reactive dyes, ideal for a classic outerwear of the best quality.


The lining is seen as a real factor of distinction and enrichment of an already valuable garment.

Dragoni proposes:
– Linings with exclusive technical features to match garments treated after the manufacture
– Linings with prints that reserve and highlight the design in garment dyeing
Yarn-dyed, also available without production minimums, to give a touch of exclusivity to a classic garment or a gritty look to a sporty garment
Environmentally friendly dyes resistant to various treatments, diversified and customized finishes;
Fibers of different natures used individually or in blends to play with melange effects or to give a warm and engaging look to the garment.


Choice finds its greatest expression in Dragoni’s ready-to-wear collection.

– Shirting fabrics from 110 to 250 g/ml, with single or twisted two-ply yarns

– Yarn-dyed cotton-nylon or cotton-polyester overdyed in the garment

– Summer and winter trouser fabrics up to a weight of 600 gr/ml.

To highlight the vastness of color charts, availability without production minimums and the possibility of customizing one’s own coloring with reduced dyeing minimums.